Refrigerators have evolved moderately with the help of today’s technology advances, which open many refrigerator options for homeowner’s when they’re looking to purchase a new one. When looking for a new refrigerator, it is no longer just about purchasing one that keeps your perishables fresh. Buying refrigerators have gotten more complicated with the hundreds of features to pick from. So, what are the tops features you should be looking for when purchasing a new refrigerator? Check below!

Door Style

The opening design of the fridge has evolved over the years. French doors have become very popular due to the easy access to foods without needs to open the rest of the refrigerator. Side-by-side refrigerators have similar advantages and more room to organize because of the split sides. You can also get a traditional bottom or top freezer door refrigerator which can provide quick access to frozen foods. These are the three main types of door styles, so keep in mind of your organization tactics and the style you want when purchasing a refrigerator.


There are many different options when it comes to shelving so there is a lot to consider when making your decision! Sliding shelves are made to offer uncomplicated access to items that are further in your fridge. These shelves are handy because you can simply pull your shelf in and out to get your food. Adjustable shelves allow you to remove a shelf if you need to make room for a larger food item like juice bottles. Consider if you want spill-proof shelves, theses have lips at the end that prevent the spillages from getting to the bottom. If your refrigerator holds a lot of larger food items like milk, these shelves would be ideal for you!

LED Displays

Many refrigerators today have LED touch displays for smart operations. These screens usually have Wi-Fi capabilities and you can adjust the temperature. Other features include leaving notes, organized the fridge, displays photos, access recipes online, stream music, and weather updates. There are so many innovative functions!

Hidden Icemakers

Conventional ice trays are out of style, the hidden ones are outside meaning they maximize your space! Also, you wouldn’t have to constantly keep opening the fridge airtime you need ice. This is a nice feature to have if you are a little OCD and like to have things tucked in.


Full-width access drawers are ideal for when you have guests because it gives you sufficient space. These drawers allow for perfect storage for leftover food. Some refrigerators have clear drawers, which lets you see what is in the drawer. This can be helpful if you’re in a rush and need to whip up a meal quickly. There are climate control drawers that all you to adjust the temperature and humidity to suit the cooling needs of the food. There are various drawer types from refrigerators, choose one that suits your home best!



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