Don’t Grab That Dish Soap!


Dish soap is a detergent used to assist in washing dishes. It contains a mixture of highly foaming surfactants used for cooking utensils, plates, and other dishes. Dish soap has capabilities to fight odor and grease as well as get rid of any stains. Although dish soap has multiple uses, there are certain places that you should never use dish soap in.


Are you out of dishwasher detergent? Remember to never grab the dish soap used for hand washing. This will produce more of a mess than your dirty dishes alone. Dishwasher tablets do not produce suds like dish soap does. Even just a few drops of liquid dish soap can cause suds to damage the inside of the dishwasher such as ruining pipes, drainage and clogging filters.

Washing Machine

Like the dishwasher, liquid dish soap can potentially damage your washing machine because of the suds it produces. It is also not as strong to provide the clothes the efficient cleaning it needs; you might just end up with soapy clothes.

Windows / Mirrors

Liquid dish soap will not leave your windows or mirror streak free but instead, add more streaks.


If you want your car to last long then avoid dish soap at all cost! Liquid dish soap is made to be safe and gentle for skin not cars. The components of the soap will be too harsh on the paint.


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