Get Ready For Summer!


It is that time of year again when the birds are chirping and the sun is shining, but wait! There is something to be done first. The center of most gatherings in the summer must be cleaned and summer ready. What is that item? The grill. It needs to be cleaned and ready for all those cookouts that are about to take place.

For those who own a gas grill, checking for gas leaks are very important and must have extra attention. To make sure the gas grill has not sprung a leak, brush the gas lines with soapy water and make sure there are no bubbles that appear once scrubbing has begun. If there are bubbles that appear to seep through, then there is a crack. To fix, tighten the connection or replace the line.

To get off the cooked-on residue and gunk, use a cleaning solution made of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and start spraying the interior of the grill. Wait one hour and the residue should come off in one easy wipe down. After this process, get a sturdy brush with wire bristles and the cleaning should be taken care from there, just make sure to grab any bristles once the job is done. Further cleaning can include cleaning out those tubes and burners. A toothpick or a paperclip can be used to de-clog any of the gas ports or tubes (make sure the propane is turned off).

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