The Important Differences Between A Refrigerator And A Wine Cooler


We all have a common refrigerator in our household, if not multiple. A select few may have a wine cooler in their kitchen and/or bar area. If you are a wine lover, considering investing in a wine cooler might be the correct decision for you. Many think, why spend the extra money on a wine cooler when I have a fridge? Well, we are here to tell you why.

Let us start off with the definitions.

  • Home refrigerator – an appliance or compartment that is artificially kept cool and used to store food and drink.
  • Wine Cooler – An appliance that’s designed specifically to keep wines (both reds and whites) at their optimum temperature.

What is the big difference anyway?

Most wines need to be kept at their ideal temperature which is between 45°F to 65°F to obtain their best fragrance and taste. A typical home fridge will not provide this perfect wine temperature. A home refrigerator is designed to escalate temperatures quickly and dry out humidity, which is not good for any type of wine. When storing wine in a refrigerator the temperature inside is not kept constant due to multiple opening and closings of the fridge throughout the day. There also are a number of other items kept inside that can potentially contaminate your wine. A wine cooler will gradually lower temperatures and maintain a high and effective humidity level at all times. Keeping that wine fresh and delicious, while keeping it far away from contaminations at the same time.

A wine lovers secret is that bottles of wine should be stored on their sides. This is because when being stored on their sides, the sediment settles in the wine bottle and helps preserve the wine inside. It also keeps the corks moist. It is important to not let the cork dry out because if they do, they can shrink. Which would then allow air to seep into the bottle. This would cause the wine inside to go bad. Although there is the possibility to store the wine on its side inside your fridge. Most of the time they are kept in a refrigerator door to save space. Wine coolers are specifically designed to only hold wine bottles of their sides.

Another important factor when it comes to the difference between regular refrigerators and wine coolers is the difference in vibration. Wine needs to avoid vibration and be kept still to maintain their premium state. Home refrigerators vibrate because they run on a compressor. This vibration can disrupt a wine’s natural maturation process, causing it to age and degrade faster. Although some wine fridges are also powered by compressors, there is a vibration absorption system that greatly reduces the impact.

All of these differences are to ensure that your wine matures quietly and adequately.


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