Ice Making Fun!


Having an ice maker clean and fresh tasting is a key component to summer. If ice comes out cloudy, smells, tastes slightly off, or is old and smells like surrounding food, then it is time to change or clean the ice maker.

The first thing to do is pull out the ice bin and dump all of the ice in the sink and break up the clumps. Fill a bucket with warm water and a liquid dish washing soap detergent. Grab a rag or sponge, dip it in the water, and wipe down the ice maker unit inside the freezer. Then wipe down any of the soap and water with a dry rag. After, begin to wash the ice bin with warm, soapy water. Rinse well because there cannot be any sanitation without cleaning the bin really well.

Mix half a cup of bleach and a gallon of water and dampen a rag with the mixture ( or part white vinegar and part water). Wipe down the ice maker, inside the freezer, and the ice bin. Once complete, wipe down the ice maker with a dry rag to clear all of the mixture as well as rinsing the ice bin thoroughly to remove the mixture.

If it is dishwasher safe, place the ice bin in the dishwasher and put it on the sanitizing cycle. Dry completely.

Wipe down once again to make sure there is no standing water because this can damage the maker and the bin. Put everything back together and turn the ice maker back on. Now there is a clean ice maker ready for summer.

Make sanitizing the ice maker a regular cleaning process.

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