Another Way to Dry Laundry


Now that the weather is nice and warm, it is the perfect time to get outside. So why not hang some laundry? There are multiple reasons why hanging laundry outside is a benefit for the environment and the user.


One reason that always seems to convince people is money. By hanging laundry outside, it can save people $200 per year on electric or natural gas. A new clothesline is much cheaper than having to buy a whole new appliance.

Another reason is to conserve energy. By drying laundry outside, it helps to protect the environment and save fossil fuels.  Air drying clothes can reduce the average household’s carbon footprint by 2,400 pounds a year.

Lastly, by air drying laundry outside, it increases physical fitness.  By being on one’s feet and hanging up laundry for 15 minutes can burn over 50 calories. It is not a lot, but it promotes weight loss and helps people get a little bit of exercise this season.

Hanging up laundry can give off a sense of peacefulness and harmony. Taking those ten minutes to hang up laundry is beneficial in an outdoor experience and can help reduce stress.

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