Most Used Appliances in Summer and How to Maintain Them


Summer is finally upon us, and as you relish in with the warm weather and vacations, you’ll also enjoy the use of your household appliances. But, which are the appliances used the most over the summer, and how do we maintain them?

One of the most used appliances is the washing machine. Between all of the concerts and beach visits that consume our summer, clothes and bathing suits will have to be washed sometimes several times a day. This could put a damper on our washing machine, so it must be checked and maintained.

  1. Make sure to check the water hose to see if it needs to be replaced, and look for any cracks, leaks, or fraying.
  2. Wash it once a month. You can either use a store-bought cleaner or hot water mixed with vinegar and baking soda.
  3. Make sure not to use too much detergent, as it  can leave residue on your clothes and wear down your washing machine. This can save your washing machine and your clothes!
  4. Clean the fabric softener dispenser regularly, and if your machine has an agitator, pour some water down it along with the fabric softener to dilute it.

Another very commonly used appliance is the air conditioner, to keep cool in the hot weather. Throughout the scorching season, it’s easy to forget that we must check the insides of our a/c to clean out any dirt/dust buildup to ensure it keep working properly.

  1. Replace or clean the filter regularly, and check for dirt buildup.
  2. See to it that you have an air conditioner of the correct size for the area it cooling off. A unit too small will overwork itself.
  3. Check your windows. Heat will travel through them, making it more difficult for the a/c to cool the air. Shut the windows and close the blinds to prevent this from happening.
  4. Dust the evaporator coils by using a tube/coil piece of equipment or use a cleaning solution to get rid of excessive grime.

During the summer, everyone loves to munch on everything from fresh fruits to freezie pops. And to do this, there must be a clean and functioning refrigerator and freezer.

  1. Check the door seals, and make sure no air is slipping out. If air is seeping out, then the freezer will overwork itself, wasting energy. To stop this, make sure there is no food residue and if there is, clean it off with a solution of warm water and baking soda
  2. Examine the coils, as they should be cleaned at least twice a year. If they are dusty, then they can be cleaned with a vacuum attachment.
  3. Fill your fridge and freezer up! It’s easier for the fridge to lower the temperature and keep it low if a lot of food is absorbing all the heat. So, if you are having a barbeque or a big party, the news is good for you.
  4. Clean your fridge and freezer to keep it looking like new with a solution of hot water and vinegar. Use a microfiber cloth and an old toothbrush to get rid of all of the dirt.

Summer is arguably the best season, with all the pool parties and cookouts and in order to keep having a blast from all of the appliances that help us out, we must maintain them.

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