Lets Clean the Water Dispenser


The weather will be warming up soon, so let’s make sure the water dispenser on some refrigerators are good to go. Water will be needed a lot in the upcoming future, so checking that the dispenser is clean and bacteria free is important.

In order to do so, make sure the water supply, connected to the dispenser, is turned off. Loosen the screw that connects the water supply pump and the water tank. Then, slide the water tube off.  Once it is disconnected, grab a small funnel and use three to four cups of vinegar and pour it into the water tube. Make sure to set it up right, which can be accomplished by standing it up against something or taping it right on a surface. After a few minutes, drain the vinegar by taping the water dispenser until no more liquid comes out. Afterward, reconnect the tube to the tank and let clean water run through it to get rid of the rest of the vinegar. Now you have clean, bacteria-free water. It’s as  simple as that.

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