Dryer Sheets…They’re More Than Their Name


      Dryer Sheets can be used for more than just helping the scent of your clothing in the dryer. After they’ve been through the drying cycle, don’t throw it away. They can be used for multiple reasons. Think of it as recycling. Continue below to see what some of the other uses for dryer sheets can be.

     No matter what season it is, the screens on televisions, computers or laptops always seem to have dust that won’t go away. Instead of dusting them with a regular duster, grab the used dryer sheet and wipe them down. The dryer sheet will reduce the static cling that the T.V. attracts, making the dust stay away. This should keep dust off of your screens for several days.

     If there are pets in the house, the best bet is that they shed more often than you or your house would like. If there is a lot of pet fur on furniture, take a used dryer sheet and begin to wipe it down. It will suck the fur right off. When you’re done, throw the new fur ball into the trash. Furthermore, if your pet comes in after it rains and they smell like a wet dog, take one of the used dryer sheets and wipe them down and they will smell fresh and better than they did.

     Dryer sheets can also help with a lot of the bad smells in your house. It can end car odor, freshen drawers, tame the locker room and dirty sneaker smell, the musty suitcase smell, it can be an air freshener, and get rid of some of the dog smell.

     Dryer sheets can be used for cleaning as well. They can take away the dust not only from those screens, but also baseboards, wooden tables, and even some window blinds. The dryer sheets can help with even dirtier cleaning as well. They can wipe down soap scum in the shower, rings off of toilet seats, renew dirty stuffed animals, and even buff chrome to a certain shine.

     Used dryer sheets can be more useful than people could have imagined. Give them a shot and make the cleaning routine a little bit easier.

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