Don’t Put These In Your Garbage Disposal


Garbage disposals are an extremely helpful appliance that makes doing dishes and cleaning up a breeze. But, there are some things that even your tough garbage disposal cannot handle. And, if these select items are put in your garbage disposal, they cannot only damage your disposal, but your plumbing, too.

Nuts and coffee grounds are the first things prohibited from your dear disposal. When either are put down the drain, they will be ground up into a very thick paste that could very well clog your drain lines.

Bones, shells from seafood, or egg shells are restricted from your disposer. They are extremely hard, and won’t be able to be ground up. A small bone accidentally falling down the disposal won’t hurt, but a whole order of chicken wings will. And, as for egg shells, the membrane can stick to the impeller of your disposal.

Oatmeal or pasta are the next culprits. Just like when they are cooked, when exposed to large amounts of water, the oatmeal/pasta will collect it and expand. And, if they expand too much, they could become clogged in your drain lines.

Celery, corn husks, onion skins, pumpkin insides or anything else will fibrous skins are not a good idea.These fruit and vegetable skins can get stringy and become tangled around disposal blades.

Finally, putting fat, oil, or grease down your drain is probably the worst thing you could do. Not only could they damage your plumbing system but, they might get caught in your disposal and not even make it to your plumbing system! So, it’s better to throw it out.

Next time you are cleaning up or doing dishes, keep this in mind. Disposals are a great appliance that can make life easier but, only if we use them properly.

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