Make the Oven Shine!


The summer festivities are right around the corner with picnics and cookouts. So why not get those appliances in tip top shape. One of the most important appliances in the kitchen to clean would be the oven.  Sounds like fun right?

Start simple. When it comes to the digital control panels, the best thing to do is wipe it down with a sponge that is dampened with a cleaner. If there are dials and knobs, pull them right off of the stem because this part of the stove can collect a lot of sticky cooking grease. Do not spray directly onto the the panel since it could drip back inside. To clean these items, a mild-abrasive, eraser style sponge can do the trick on its own. A cleaning powder and degrease kitchen spray can permanently damage the panel,  so stick to gentler products.

For continuous-cleaning models, there is no need to clean. They burn off food during normal operations, but feel free to vacuum up any remaining crumbs. If there is a self cleaning oven, there are two choices. Use an oven cleaner without the self- clean cycle or take advantage of the self-clean cycle without the oven cleaner. When cleaning the oven, no matter what way, make sure to open windows because the fumes can become overwhelming. If there are a lot of products being used, using a bandanna or a face mask is wise since breathing in those chemicals are not good. To clean the oven racks, put them in a garbage bag, spray the bag with oven cleaner and lay out in the sun.

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