Refrigerator Efficiency!


Now that the Summer months are in full swing, it is crucial to make sure appliances are taken care of. One of the most important appliances that should be taken care of is the refrigerator and the freezer. These two appliances are one of the most used appliances in the Summertime season. Here are a few tips to make sure the refrigerator and freezer stay functioning to the best of their abilities.

Ever think about cleaning underneath the fridge? If the coils under there are dusty, it can stop the efficiency of the refrigerator causing it to work harder and not as well.

If there are two refrigerators in the house, realize that if one is on a back porch or garage, it will not last as long or work as well as one that is in a temperature-controlled place.

Don’t over fill the refrigerator. By doing this, it causes less air circulation throughout the machine causing the efficiency of the fridge to decline, but don’t leave open areas either.

Furthermore, don’t leave the refrigerator door open. Decide what you want before going in and grab it quickly. Try opening the door less than usual this summer as well.

Have the refrigerator apart from the wall. This will create better circulation and functionality as well.

Follow these few tips for a more efficient refrigerator and freezer this Summer season.

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