What Your Dryer Settings Mean and How to Use Them


When drying clothes, our machines have so many options to choose from, and it can be difficult to choose which one we need, especially if you don’t know what each option means. So, here is a simple guide on what each setting means, and what clothes it should be used on.

Air fluff is a setting that has no heat at all, and it should be used to “fluff’ up clothing, hence the name. The clothing that you should use for this setting is clothing in between dry cleans and clothes that have just come out of storage.

Regular/heavy is a high heat option, and it can rip off embellishments or fade bright colors. So, you only want to use this with white clothing, or larger items like towels and sheets.

Automatic dry shuts off as soon as the clothes are all dry. You can dry whatever you want under this option, and it is a more earth-friendly option.

Steam cycle is a moist steam that doesn’t really dry your clothes at all, just freshens them up. It is useful for removing small odors or wrinkles and refreshing your clothes.

Permanent press only has medium heat, and is colder during the last few minutes to remove large wrinkles. This setting can be used on almost any polyester clothes and all natural or cotton fibers.

Gentle/delicate is exactly what it sounds like. A gentle cycle for delicate items. It should be used on exercise clothing, any clothing with iron-ons, and clothing with embellishments (like many buttons or gems).

So, hopefully this simple guide gave you input on how to use your dryer settings, so you can dry your clothes more effectively.

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