Opening the Windows this Season is not a Bad Idea!


Since it’s the Summertime, the nice weather has arrived. For a lot of people, it means windows can be open all day long and doors are open for fresh air. For other people, the windows and doors stay closed up and the air conditioner comes on. There are many reasons why opening windows are beneficial during the summer. It is healthy and can save people money.

Opening windows this Summer season is one of the cleanest thing someone can do. After a season of long winters and rainy springs, it’s time to let not only you breathe, but your house breath as well. Through those long months of closed up houses, germs, dust, mold and even more build up. When the windows are open, dust mite that have not been cleaned up by the vacuum can then be removed. Fresh air can get rid of stale air as well. During the closed window months, there is less oxygen in the air because no fresh air is coming in, so by opening up the windows, air can fluidly move in and out bringing in better air for people to breathe. Opening windows lets the house release all of those bad germs and can add a freshness to any room.

Instead of turning on the air conditioner, which can raise the energy bill, open up the windows in your house or apartment. Having the windows open can actually cool down the room because of the new, fresh air flowing in and out. This can eventually significantly reduce the need for the power hungry air conditioner. It will take adjustment, but having the windows open will soon make the environment cool and comfortable as well as saving the electricity bill.

Opening windows can actually promote a healthy lifestyle. It can help with blood circulation, create a stronger immune system, and many more. Do your health a favor and keep those windows open for a bit. It can help in more ways than you’d think.

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