Air Conditioner vs. Fan


This summer has been a hot one. And to keep cool, the top two appliances people rely on are fans and air conditioners. However, both have their own pros and cons.

Cost-wise, fans are technically cheaper. Central air conditioners use up 3 kilowatts an hour and cost $130 a month, window air conditioners use up 1.3 kilowatts an hour and are $50 a month, and ceiling fans take up 30 watts an hour and $1.20 a month. So, fans are less costly but, which is more effective?

Fans only move the air around, whether it’s a ceiling fan or a standing fan. They don’t really make the room any cooler. But, air conditioners change the air and greatly reduce the temperature. They can prevent heat-related illnesses and provide great comfort and relief from a hot day. In the war of effectiveness, air conditioners are definitely the winner.

When it comes to how easy it is to put in, it’s basically a tie. A ceiling fan takes effort to put in but, standing fans only need to be plugged in. Air conditioners do need to be installed but more often than not, the manufacturer provides extensive and easy to follow instructions on how to put it in.

With all of these factors of the cost, the effectiveness and the installation process, it is hard to tell who the winner is or which appliance is better. Both keep us cool to some extent even if the air conditioner is the winner, and most do cost some money, even if the fan costs less. In the end, it is all a matter of personal preference.

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