Cleaning Tips for an Enjoyable Rest of Summer!


Even though there is only a little bit of time left this summer, there is still time to have a few summer time cleaning tips. Tips are always great, especially when it has to do with something like cleaning. Read below for a few tips to make cleaning the rest of the summer a little easier.

For the awful mildew which can appear in the shower, save the exhaustion of scrubbing numerous times and turn on the exhaust fan during the shower or bath and for 30 minutes afterward. This can help prevent shower mold and mildew.

An easy way to keep floors more clean than before is to have a ‘no shoes’ rule when entering the house. A sturdy nylon mat can also help with stopping the dirt in its tracks. This can also help with organization as well by having shoes in a designated zone.

To keep limescale, soap scum and more from building up in the shower and tub, use a shower cleaner that does the work for you. Spray it on daily and the cleaning can be easier than ever before. This can keep your time off the bathroom and into enjoying the rest of summer.

Clean the mirrors and glass surfaces one a week to keep them clean and the dust away. Due to the high humidity in the summer, dust, fog and grime can collect on the surfaces. So take a good surface cleaner and wipe those surfaces down for an easier and faster clean.

Avoid the stubborn garbage smells and get ahead of it. Store extra liners at the bottom of the garbage can to prevent against spills and leaks. It also doesn’t hurt to wash out the garbage can with some soap and water every once and awhile just to keep it more sanitary.

These few tips can save some time and help keep the hose just as clean, maybe even more, than before. Give it a try and enjoy your summer. Don’t let cleaning take all the time out of the day.

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