Electric or Gas Range – Which is Right for You?


When it comes to your range, there are two options – gas or electric. But how do you know which one is right for you? There are many pros and cons to each, so it’s time to go over the beneficial and worthless factors of each choice.



Heat: Gas ranges heat up quickly, and it’s simple to change the temperature precisely.

Cost: When it comes to cost, gas ranges only cost about $800-$2,300 whereas electric ranges cost from $650-$2,800. So, not much of a difference.

Source of Heat: The natural gas or propane that these ranges run on are typically inexpensive,


Maintaining Heat: If a window is open and a draft comes in, the flame could be put out easily.

Cleaning: Typically, gas ranges with their burners are much more difficult to clean than electric stoves.

Safety: Since there is an open flame, there’s an easier risk of injury. Plus, it’s possible for a gas leak to be a risk.



Cleaning: With an even, flat surface, it is extremely simple to clean an electric range. Even if there is a coil element, it’s still not difficult.

Safety: There is no gas lines or open flames, so it is a relatively safer option.

Maintaining Heat: Electric ranges can maintain the heat better, and are usually better for broiling and simmering.


Cost: Electric is more expensive most of the time, with gas on average being 10-30% less.

Heat: These type of ranges are much slower at heating up, and it’s difficult to be precise.

Source of Heat: Electric ranges depend on electricity, so if the power goes out, cooking cannot be done.

So, here are some pros and cons to help you determine which range is right for you. No matter what, it all comes down to your personal preference and what range is the best for your needs.

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