When is it Time to Replace Your Gaskets?


Many appliances have a gasket or some kind of seal, to keep them airtight closed firmly. Additionally, after a while these gaskets can get worn out and it’s time to replace them. But, how do we know when do replace a gasket or door seal?

Refrigerator gaskets, when ineffective, enables the cool air in the appliance to seep out, and makes the fridge work harder to maintain its temperature. So, one way to know if it needs replacing is if your electricity bill goes up exponentially when your normal usage hasn’t changed. The second, and most obvious way is to visually examine it for any cracks or frays. To make sure the gasket definitely needs to be changed, perform the dollar bill test. Take a dollar bill, and close the refrigerator door, leaving half of the bill out. If it can easily be moved up and down, it’s time for a new gasket.

Range gaskets, also known as oven door seals, are used to keep in the high temperatures of your oven. When they aren’t working properly, you are heating your kitchen instead of your oven. And, because they are exposed to high heat so often, they must be checked regularly for any wear and tear. If any cracks or holes are observed, it’s time to change that gasket.

On a front-load washer, the gasket is called the door boot seal. This prevents leaks from your washer, and keeps a seal in between the wash tub and the door. You can recognize the it needs to be replaced if the washer looks like it is leaking from the front panel. If you suspect it’s the rubber boot seal, check it for holes, frays, and cracks, and if you see any, replace that seal.

The typical seal for a dryer is the felt seal. Some dryer drums have two, and others have one. Inspect the seal for any damage or wear and tear. When you need to get a better look, remove the belt and spin the drum by hand to closely examine it. If the seal is extremely worn, a new seal is needed.

Make sure to replace your gasket as soon as it is worn out to keep your appliances productive and working efficiently. If you follow these tips to inspect and replace your gaskets, your appliances should stay in good shape.

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