Grilling Safety!


Since the grilling season is coming to an end, there are some safety tips to keep in mind when doing this outdoor activity. Although summer is almost over and grilling has been happening for months, there is never a wrong time to be reminded of safety for the person grilling or if there are kids around. Furthermore, this can help out next year when the summer time weather comes back around.

This may be an obvious tip, but it should still be kept in mind, but only use propane and charcoal grills outdoors. This can be dangerous if these items are used inside, so keep the grills out.

Even with the grill outside, it should be placed away from the house, deck railing, under trees or under awnings. This will help in preventing a fire and creating a hazard that people don’t want to take care of.

If there are kids or pets around, keep them at least three feet away from the grill, just in case there is a small fire or ashes flying around. No matter how hard it is to keep the loving pets away from the grill, it is for their safety.

Keep the grill clean. Anytime before using the grill, grab a quick brush and scrub the grates from grease or any food that may be stuck on.

Never leave the grill well using it. It should never be unattended for the safety of the house, people and the food that may be near the grill.

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