Safety During Power Outages!


There is never a bad time to prepare yourself for a safe power outage. They can happen multiple times at random points throughout the year, so it is good to be knowledgeable about what not to do during a power outage. It can help you can save your appliances.

One, don’t touch a downed wire

This may seem obvious, but it doesn’t happen. People see wires hanging from power lines or lying on the ground. Even so, these wires may still be live and could give a serious shock. If there are wires on the ground, stand at least 30 feet away or 60 feet away if the ground is wet. If you are driving in a car, do not leave the car unless there is a fire. If so, jump out of the car with both feet and try and land as far away as possible. If you touch the ground and the car at the same time, you could be electrocuted.

Two, don’t use candles

Get battery powered LED lights and flashlights that run safely for hours. Certain candles can cause a fire which is another problem added onto the power outage. Stock up on the lights and if you must you a candle, put it in a lantern or use a candle that won’t tip over.

Three, don’t let your cell phone die

During a power outage, don’t let the cell phone battery die. Try having a battery pack with you that is fully charged just in case. When you aren’t using the cell phone, put it on airplane mode or off when you’re not using it. If you can get to it, charge the phone in a car.

Four, don’t open the fridge or the freezer

If the refrigerator or the freezer are open for too long during a power outage then they won’t be able to stay as cold as long. Freezers, full or half, stay cold for about 24 to 48 hours after the power goes off.

Five, don’t use generators indoors

Generators can create carbon monoxide when kept indoors which claims many lives during disasters. Don’t use them indoors, which includes a garage.

Six, don’t forget to unplug

During a power outage, some appliances, when the power comes back on, can spike and surge. When the power goes off, turn off and unplug appliances that don’t need to be on. However, leave one light on so you know when the power comes back on.

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