Tips to Save Energy This Fall


The weather is cooling down, the kiddos are going back to school, and fall is less than a month away! With September in full swing, it’s time to start prepping our homes for fall. Without further ado, here’s some tips and tricks to save energy this season, starting with your home appliances, heating, and lighting.

Check Your Gaskets or Seals for Leaks

Make sure to check your gaskets and seals on all appliances. Especially your refrigerator and range. If it is damaged, worn, frayed, or cracked make sure to replace it. If it isn’t replaced, it won’t form an airtight seal. That will cause hot air in your range and cool air in your refrigerator to leak. Therefore, making your appliance to work extra hard, wasting energy and money.

Fill Your Appliances

With all of those bonfires and gatherings this fall, you’ll have a lot of dishes. You’ll also have a lot of big sweaters and sweatshirts that will need constant washing. When filling your dishwasher or washing machine make sure to do full loads. Instead of wasting energy and water by doing several small loads, do a few full loads. And when it comes to your refrigerator, keep yours ¾ full to keep it efficient.


As the weather gets colder, it’s vital to make sure our heating systems are up to par. Make sure to replace your filters at least once a month for furnaces or heat pumps. This can save not only energy, but your costs up to 5%. And for wood- or pellet-burning heater systems, be sure to clean the appliance with a wire brush and the flue vent regularly. Also, a humidifier can be a helpful addition to the home by keeping comfort while your temperature is at a lower setting.


During autumn, it gets darker much faster so the lighting must be maintained. Make sure to replace your lightbulbs and to save energy and costs, switch to CFLs or LED bulbs. Also, when it’s daylight, make sure to turn off lights that aren’t being used, and open a window. Let the sun warm your home naturally during the day, so make sure to remove air conditioners. However, if is drafty, make sure to tightly seal your windows.

There you have it, some tips that cover most aspects of your home that could cause you to waste energy this fall season. By following them, you can save energy, and maybe even some money!

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