Washing Machine Won’t Open!


When appliances don’t work, it can be very frustrating. Most of us aren’t a mechanic and have time to bring someone to the house to look at a broken appliance. However, it would be nice to know what you are looking for before you hire someone to come look. Lets use the washing machine as an example. Below are a few areas of the washing machine to look at or a reason for why the the door won’t open.

There are a few reasons to why the washing machine may not open.

One, there is still water being detected in the washing machine; therefore, the washer will not open until it has been completely drained.

Another reason is the pressure switch has not reset to empty. If this is the case just turn the machine off at the main source and after a few minutes it should cool down and unlock.

A third reason is apart of the door is broken, missing or jammed.

Try looking at some of these parts and check to see if any of the options are the reason for the door not opening.

Please remember, before doing any sort of repair or movement of the machine, to unplug the appliance from the power source!

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