Oven Upkeep


Fall is in full swing, so bring on the pumpkin spice and autumnal treats! With the cooler weather quickly approaching, it will soon be the time of year when people get the most use out of their ovens. Cooking hot dinners for the family and baking apple pies (without worrying about the house getting too hot inside) are of course major perks of autumn, but this extra strain on the oven can cause issues for you… This is why it is ESSENTIAL to properly maintain your oven throughout this season. Here are some tips to keep your oven running efficiently and prevent damage from excessive use:

  • Be sure to regularly clean your oven– This can be done in some ovens with the self-cleaning feature, or by hand. A full cleaning should be done at least three times a year, or more if you use your oven every day. Be sure to clean up spills immediately upon the oven cooling down, to prevent charring on the bottom.
  • Create a spill barrier– When baking or cooking something that has the potential to spill, place aluminum foil underneath or around the food. Try to use baking sheets and pans that are the proper size and shape for your delicious dish.
  • Inspect the Bake Element– This is the coil in the back and/or bottom of the oven that glows red when heating up. If this is not glowing red, or if it is only partially glowing red, it can cause food to cook unevenly or not all the way through. No worries though, as this part is easy and relatively cheap to replace.
  • Always double check– When done using the oven, check it to make sure there are no food spills on the bottom or sides, and that it is completely off. Food spillage in a hot oven could start a fire!
  • Follow safety tips when cleaning– Be sure to unplug the oven if you are cleaning the oven by hand, and never take the stove knobs off when cleaning that upper area. This is for your safety, and also to prevent potentially short-circuiting your entire system. Also be sure to know specific instructions from the oven’s manual when it comes to cleaning and usage, as this can very.

If your oven begins to smell different or you see sparks at all, it is time for a professional to look at it. If you are unsure whether something is fixable, contact a professional for advice to keep yourself informed and away from any potential danger.

A properly maintained oven is a must-have for maximum autumnal enjoyment, so with these tips in mind- happy baking!

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