Lint Filter?


Dryers can be one of the most confusing appliances around, but for most of us it is a necessity. One of the most commonly asked questions lately has been, “Is it okay to use the dryer without a lint filter?” Read below for the answer.

Not having a lint filter in the dryer can be dangerous.  Using the dryer once without a lint filter probably won’t hurt you or the machine, it’s better not to take the chance. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The lint build up in the dryer, without a filter, can get caught in seals and vent ducts which can lead to house fires. Use the lint filter to keep from stepping over the line of okay and dangerous.

Furthermore, before using the dryer, clean out the lint filter trap as well to keep the lint at a minimum build up. It will take one minute at most to do it so why not do it?

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