Flu Season


With flu season upon us, it is a constant struggle to keep germs at bay. Surrounded by coworkers, children, family, and friends, everyone is at a much higher risk for spreading flu-causing germs throughout the colder fall and winter months. Everyone knows that hand washing is important for preventing illness, but most people don’t pay enough attention to important objects to keep clean…

View this checklist of important things in your home to keep clean in order to keep yourself healthy:

  1. Be sure to disinfect your phone every day or every other day! Our cellphones are exposed to the same amount of germs that we are, and that bacteria only grows if not promptly removed.
  2. Disinfect the counters in your home, but also pay special attention to disinfecting any door knobs and the handles of your appliances.
  3. Washing Linens and sheets in hot water is essential. If someone in your household is currently sick, these should be thoroughly washed every few days. Even if no one is sick in your house though, they should be cleaned weekly or every other week during flu season.
  4. Make an effort to clean the inside of your washer once a week. Bacteria on clothing can actually be left in the washer and can potentially be transferred to other clothes when not taken care of. This can be done simply by running an empty load on the hottest setting with a cup of bleach.
  5. The dryer should also be cleaned once a week, for the same reason. Obviously, the cleaner the washer, the fewer bacteria ends up in the dryer. However, you can easily clean the dryer by wiping the entire inside of the drum with a cloth and hot soapy water. Some newer dryers have a sanitizing cycle option, and that would do the trick as well.

With these tips in mind, keep yourself flu-free and thriving during this flu season!


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