Bathroom Fan Cleaning!


The bathroom fan can become one of the most neglected items to clean in the house. It is consistently looked over and the procrastination can begin to take over. However, having a clean exhaust fan working in your bathroom is important because it doesn’t just help with bathroom odors, but it also helps to remove the moisture from showers which leads to the prevention of mold. With that said, look at your bathroom fan next time to see what could be lurking around up there. Below are some helpful guidelines for when the time comes to clean the exhaust fan.

  1. Remove the fan cover. There are usually some sort of pins holding the fan but they can be easily removed.
  2. Fill the bathtub with warm water and some dish soap and place the cover in there to have it soak.
  3. Now, unplug the fan. Before doing any repairs, disconnect the power source. Safety first!
  4. Remove any other screws or nuts holding the exhaust fan.
  5. Remove the assembly
  6. Now you can clean the fan blades and the motor. A simple microfiber cloth will do the trick when it comes to cleaning. If it hasn’t been done in a while, this may take some time from the amount of dust, dirt and possible hair that could have accumulated over time.
  7. Now look at the part still attached to the top of the ceiling. Clean the inside if there is any dust or grime that have congregated up there. You can use an attachment vacuum piece or the damp microfiber cloth.
  8. All that is left to be done is putting the fan back together, so wipe off the fan cover, place the assembly back and reattach the cover. All done.

There may be dust left on the floor from all the cleaning, so make sure that gets swept up as well.

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