Prevent Electrical Issues this Season


This time of year, electricity in your home is most likely running at its peak. Add a few more appliances (have to get Thanksgiving dinner on the table!) and you could be at risk for a power outage. Pay attention to this information to keep your power running smoothly.

If the issue is caused by an overload, that means you have too many appliances/items running on the same circuit. This is very common during Holidays, as people are generally making several things at once in the kitchen. It is important to use only a few things at any one time, or plug something that takes a lot of power into an outlet that is on a different circuit. The National Electric Code also provides the power limits for given circuits in different homes, and the appliances in your home should have their wattage use in their respective manuals. This can be a simple way to know for certain that you can avoid overloading your circuits

This can be fixed easily by replacing the circuit’s fuse or resetting the circuit breaker, but should only be done by someone with experience and following all safety precautions. If you are unsure how to do it, call an electrician.

If the issue is caused by a loose or damaged wire or a short circuit, the electricity will still not work after replacing the fuse. This is most likely the cause if the power suddenly shut down with no warning, and is often caused by old wires becoming worn out or by household pests chewing on them. It can also be caused by old or worn away insulation in your home. In these cases, it is necessary to call an electrician as soon as possible.

It is recommended to have the electrical system in your home thoroughly inspected by a professional every 3-5 years. Keep your appliances working and your home safe by being electrically- responsible!


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