Is Your Dryer Overheating?


The dryer is one of the most heavily used appliances in most people’s homes. As great as they are for laundry efficiency, it can be rattling when things go wrong. It is important to pay attention to changes and small issues in your dryer, in order to prevent bigger issues.

Did your clothes come out hotter than usual at the end of the cycle? This can damage clothes and put you at a higher risk of a fire. Don’t worry though! It is usually an easy fix.

Check that the lint trap is cleaned out, as this should be done after every load. Also, where the trap sits (the trap housing) should be cleaned out a few times a year. This can be done easily by just removing any trapped lint with a dryer brush.

The next thing to check is the dryer vent. The vents that take the heated air outside can become blocked or clogged if not cleaned out. Check the outside of the vent for any loose debris. Then follow the vent line inside, checking for and kinks or blockages. Replacing a vent line is a simple fix if needed.

If the overheating still persists, call a mechanic before continuing to use the dryer, as there could be a bigger issue at hand.


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