Safety in the Snow


47380163 - winter driving - winter roadSince winter has arrived, it is time to think about the different ways you can prepare yourself when a snowstorm hits. If you are stuck in your car, there are certain supplies that should be in your car for the “just in case” moment. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Read below for what should go into this safety kit!

Gas Can

If you’re car happens to be running low or out of gas, it would be a shame to walk to a gas station or have a nice passerby get gas for you, but not having anyway to carry it. Having an extra gas can will be beneficial for those moments. It will save the hassle since not all gas stations carry extras.

Jumper Cables

Jumper cables should be in the car at all times, not just in the winter. You never know when your cars battery may die or when you pass someone who needs a quick jump start. Dead batteries are more common than people realize when it comes to colder weather. Save the headache and have some jumper cables.

Cell Phone Charger

Having a phone charger or car charger for your phone can be your savior when on a less trafficked road. The cell phone will be needed in times like these, especially when it’s in the cold weather.

First Aid Kit

This kit should probably always be in your car. Make sure the kit is stocked full of the basic necessities such as bandage, gauze, pain relievers, etc.

Food & Water

This is not as necessary as other items, but having extra water and non perishable foods handy will make things easier and easier to bare in the of need.

Clothes & Blankets

In cold weather, having extra layers and blankets can help stay warm if you become stranded or stuck. Make sure to have items such as gloves, hats and blankets.


Flashlights are always handy when it becomes dark. Make sure to have some sort of flashlight that isn’t your phone as well as having extra batteries too.

Kitty Litter

This product is a great for giving traction when stuck on ice. This will be beneficial even if you’re at home and stuck getting out of the driveway.

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