Tips for your Tree


If you are someone who gets a tree every year for the Holidays, then you need to know how to care for it properly! Taking care of your tree right from the start will help keep it healthy and looking beautiful all season long. Continue reading for some helpful tips.

Always start with a tree that was cut as freshly as possible. When you bring the tree home, make sure to cut off an inch or two at the bottom. This will allow the tree to absorb more water. Also, check the tree stand every day and continue to fill it with water. A dry tree will turn brown in no time at all, and a very dry tree can actually be a fire hazard.

Keep the tree a decent distance from any heating ducts or other hot surfaces. These can speed up the tree drying out and be harmful. Also keep the tree somewhere in the house that is not in direct sunlight.

When decorating, be sure to not wrap the string lights or other garlands around the tree extremely tight. Be gentle when hanging ornaments, so that you do not rip off the branches or knock off too many of the pine needles. Once decorating is done, avoid touching the tree much until the day you need to take everything off.

If you have pets, keep them away from the tree as much as possible. Not only can a naughty pet wreak havoc on the way your tree looks, but many decorations are toxic for animals if ingested.

A well-kept tree can stay fresh and festive for almost a month in your home. For safety reasons and for your own Holiday joy, follow these tips to maintain your Holiday tree easily and stress free!

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