Is it unhealthy to wash dishes without gloves?


Before cleaning those dishes for the next few weeks, have you ever wondered how unhealthy or okay it is to wash hands without gloves? Below is your answer.

It isn’t unhealthy to use dish soap without gloves; however, that doesn’t mean you should. Hands are supposed to be soft and smooth; therefore, exposing them to harsh substances, like dish soap, can dry your hands out in the future. Think about what dish soap, or any cleaning product, cleans. Some clean grease and grime, other products take away limescale. These products shouldn’t be directly exposed to our sensitive skin. By wearing rubber gloves while cleaning the dishes, it will benefit your skin, but also be easier to clean the dishes. They can help with better grip which will avoid the dishes slipping into the sink, causing a splash.

Keep your hands healthy and smooth for the upcoming cleanings.

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