What Appliance Should be Cleaned Everyday?


When it comes to cleaning the house, there is a routine of certain things to do and clean. There is vacuuming, dishes, counters, dusting, wiping down the refrigerator or the oven, etc. However, there is one appliance that seems to be forgotten on a regular basis, but it should be cleaned.

Microwaves are generally the appliance which is often forgotten, but it is easy to clean. Sometimes it takes a simple wipe down to clean normally. Microwaves are so handy because they can warm up certain foods in a faster pace than an oven or stove could, but there are reasons to keep the microwave clean.

  1. Certain studies have discovered that microwave handles can transmit illnesses.
  2. If the microwave is used to thaw raw meat, then dangerous bacteria like E Coli and Salmonella can be lingering within the surroundings of the microwave.

By wiping down the microwave after food as spilled or splattered can help by reducing the bacteria growth. Simply by using warm water and soap can do the trick of cleaning. If there is a need to deep clean then use warm water, white vinegar and a sponge.

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