The Dryer isn’t Drying


When an appliance isn’t working, it can bring a certain amount of unwanted stress. Well in this case, the dryer isn’t drying to the best if it’s capabilities. Read below to figure out why.

The replacement of the lint filter or lint screen may be necessary.The lint filter and lint screen traps lint and debris from the exhaust air flowing from the dryer.

The replacement of the gas valve coils.The gas valve coils regulate gas supply to the igniter by turning the gas valve on and off in order to maintain the proper temperature in the dryer.

The dryer’s thermistor may need to be replaced.The thermistor is a variable resistor that communicates very accurate temperature readings to the control board.

The moisture sensor might need to be replaced.The moisture sensor monitors the moisture inside of the dryer to accurately dry clothes.

The replacement of the blower wheel may be necessary.The blower wheel pushes air through the dryer to the exhaust fan.

Lastly, the heating element might need to be replaced.The heating element contains coils that heat up when electricity run through them. This is the source of heat that heats the contents of the dryer.

If none of these replacements seem to be the solution, cleaning the dryer is possibly the next step.

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