Signs of Garbage Disposal Failings


The garbage disposal is a helpful tool, but when it comes to replacing them, it could be a hassle. There is also the point on not wanting to replace the disposal if there is no need. There are certain signs to look for when the garbage disposal is beginning to fail. Read below to see what they are.

  • Unusual noises

Sometimes utensils can slip into the disposal and make a strange noise. If there is a certain metal sound coming from the garbage disposal, check to make sure nothing accidentally fell into the disposal. If there is nothing of an outside source creating that noise, the disposals blades could be scraping together. Often times, it can be adjusted fairly simply, but others, the garbage disposal may be failing.

  • Unexplainable clogs

When using the garbage disposal, the norm is put small amounts of food within the disposal in order to avoid clogs. However, if no matter what kind of small amount that you put down the drain and it clogs, it may need time to replace. It could be malfunctioning or just failing period.

  • Constant odor

Overtime, garbage disposals usually begin to generate a smell because of the breakdown of wet food. If this does happen, it should be an easy clean. However, if a cleaning doesn’t seem to eliminate the problem, a professional may need to come in and remove the appliance part by part to see if there is another cause for the odor. If the odor still occurs, the garbage disposal could be failing.

  • Water Leakage

There could leaks coming from the garbage disposal. In this case, there could be puddles underneath the sink or water drippings coming from the disposal. This could be another sign that the disposal is failing.

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