Is Your Bedding Actually Clean?


We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping in our beds, but how clean are they? Humans shed millions of dead skin cells, and also lose a lot of sweat in the night. If left unwashed, this essentially leaves a breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria. Grossed out? Here’s how to make sure your bedding is clean!

Sheets should be washed every two weeks, and more often if you or someone in your household is sick. They can usually be thrown in a regular wash cycle and washed like most other laundry. You can use a hot/warm cycle to kill germs. Dry on a low heat setting until fully dry.

Duvets and pillows should be washed every two to three months. Make sure to check the care label on pillows and duvets and do not do anything that is not recommended for your specific items.

Wash pillows at a hotter temperature setting to kill bacteria (unless it says a temperature maximum on the care label). Put pillows in the washing machine two at a time, squeezing out excess air before putting them in, in order to keep the cycle balanced. Use a gentle setting on the washer, and you might have to run a second rinse cycle to fully rinse out the detergent. Use the lowest heat setting on your dryer, and try throwing in a couple tennis balls to keep the fluff (in synthetic pillows) from clumping. Set the pillows in a clean, dry space for a day to let them fully dry the rest of the way.

Unless your duvet has to be dry-cleaned, it is most likely fine to use the washing machine for it. If it has a stain, shake the feathers/fluff away from the area and spot treat it before putting it in the machine. Use a normal spin setting, and you might have to run an extra rinse cycle. Move your duvet to the dryer and use a low heat. Run it until it is completely dry, as mildew can appear from damp spots.

Once done, you should be able to sleep soundly knowing that your pillows, duvet, and sheets are all completely clean!

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