Safely Unclogging the Garbage Disposal


Garbage disposals are helpful but tricky appliances. They take care of the small particles of food; however, sometimes they can have their downfalls, such as if they get clogged. Clogs happen from time to time no matter how well you take care of your garbage disposal, but no worries. There is a safe way of unclogging the garbage disposal. Read below on how to safely unclog the appliance.

First, lets discuss what does clog the garbage disposal

Sometimes, certain objects will fall into the disposal that should really steer clear, such as a spoon or fork, and even certain foods can clog the drain as well, such as bone, fruit pits, etc. Another reason for clogged disposals is sending garbage too fast and not letting the disposal run at the proper pace. Lastly, there needs to be a proper amount of water being run while the disposal is running to flush out the drains of the food particles and really clearing it out.

Now, lets discuss how to unclog the garbage disposal. Before reading below, if you still happen to have the owner’s manual, follow that as it is specific to your disposal. You can also identify the limitations of disposal as well.

The steps for unclogging the garbage disposal are as follows:

  1. Turn off the electric switch – The switch can usually be located under the sink near the disposal or on the wall somewhere. If there is no switch insight, go the electric breaker and disconnect the power or fuse to the disposal. For safety precautions, even if the power is off, NEVER put your hands in the disposal. There could be a defect that could make the disposal power on.
  2. Look in the disposal – Grab a flashlight and look down the drain. There could be an easy fix like a large object sitting in the way of the disposal.
  3. If this is the case of an object sitting in the disposal, do not grab it with your hands no matter how easy and not dangerous is may appear to be. Grab a pair of pliers to remove the product.
  4. If thee clog happens while you are using it, wait a few minutes for the disposal to cool off.
  5. Now you can turn the power back on and go about the day.

If there is still a clog after these steps, there may need to be more of an unclogging job.

  1. Turn off the power like stated above.
  2. Take a long tool to push the impeller below and move it back and forth to loosen it up and possibly free it.
  3. If the impeller does seem to work. Turn the power back on and wait a few minutes for the motor of the disposal to cool.
  4. Push the reset button

Unclogging the disposal can be this simple. Try it out when a clog appears and remember to never put your hand in the disposal even when the power is off.

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