Bathroom Cleaning Tips!


Do you know what room in the house tends to be everyone’s least favorite to clean? The bathroom. But unfortunately, this is also the room that houses the most germs and is therefore the most important to clean. But don’t fret! Keep reading to see how to deep-clean your bathroom in an efficient manner.

Start by removing everything from its place. Put all items from the shower, sinks, and other surfaces in a bin and set them aside.

Spray cleaner (whatever you normally use, but preferably one specifically meant for bathrooms) on the shower/bath, sinks and toilet surfaces. This will do most of the work for you if you let it soak for a few minutes. Wipe down other surfaces with a multi-purpose solution or mild soap and a hot cloth.

Be sure to disinfect the door knobs, toilet handles, light switches and other small surfaces that are heavily used but often forgotten.

Use a broom to sweep the floor. Once done, go back to any surfaces you left cleaning solution on (the shower, sinks, etc.) and wipe them down. Rinse off the cleaner and gently scrub surfaces. If  any grime or residue is still leftover, spray with cleaner again and let it sit a little longer before scrubbing it off again.

Mix up a solution of your preferred floor cleaner and hot water in a bucket. While this solution is coming together, finish cleaning the vanity area and mirrors.

Finally, put back all the items that you removed from before. Take a second to put anything that was out as unnecessary clutter away somewhere that makes sense. Mop the floors with a mop and your hot cleaning mixture, and then your job here is done! The floor will quickly dry, and then if you had an area rug or bath mat, you can replace that.

The bathroom surfaces should be wiped down every day to help maintain the mess. The toilet should be cleaned at least once a week, and the floors should be mopped at least every other week. Keep those household germs at bay with a bathroom cleaning schedule!

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