Keep Pets Safe from these Appliances


The modern appliances have it’s benefits when it comes to laundry, cooking, etc. However, sometimes there are things that need to be kept in mind when it comes to our household appliances. There can be certain dangers to some furry friends and even children when it comes to the machines. Read below to see how to keep the pets and children safe.

Dishwashers, dryers and washers can be a hazard when it comes to certain pets, such as the cat. Cats like to be alone at times and cuddle up when there’s a spot of warmth or when it is darker. Some people may find it comical to think of their pet getting washed when they don’t like being bathed, but in some circumstances, it can be deadly to the pet. To stop this from happening, take a quick look before you start some laundry or before leaving, make sure all of the doors are cleaned.

Sometimes, cats and dogs may be curious and lick the oven door when its open while the oven is on. This happens more times than you can tell especially with puppies or kittens since they are still exploring their environment. Again, to prevent this from happening, keep the door closed when using it or make sure to be aware of where those curious critters are.

Furthermore, if a pet likes to play with some electrical cords, make sure to unplug them or keep them elevated so they are out of reach.

Keep these little tips in mind when using these modern appliances to keep our furry friends safe.

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