Dryer Venting Myths


When it comes to the dryer, there always seems to be some confusion when it comes to venting. Dryer venting is important and should be done the right way to keep the dryer from functioning properly and the people in the house safe. For dryer venting misconceptions or myths, read below.

  • Myth Number 1:

Venting directly into the house is okay since it becomes a source of humidity or provides heat

    • This is not okay for a couple of reasons. The moisture is being removed from the dryer as the clothes are drying. This is why is should be vented outside. By not venting, the dryer produces an immense amount of warm, moist air. This can lead to multiple problems within in the home such as mold and structural damage. Warm and damp surroundings is the environment mold thrives in.


  • Myth Number 2:


If a dryer is in difficult area to where venting outside is nearly impossible, venting into a container of water is the next best thing

    • This is incorrect. When the dryer is running, its vents outside the moisture and lint. People vent the dryer into water only to contain the amount of lint from swarming the air. This does not solve the problem of the moisture being released into the house if venting inside.


  • Myth Number 3:


No need to clean the dryer vent

    • This is beyond false. Similar to other parts within the house and in the dryer, things need to be cleaned after a certain amount of time. The vent and dryer do push lint and moist air out of the house; however, some build up will occur since some things could get stuck or not pushed out all the way. Having build up within the dryer can lead to a lack of airflow, thus making the dryer work harder than it should be. This should be professionally cleaned every six months if the dryer is used frequently, but if it is only used once every week or so, every year or every other year should suffice.

The three myths listed above include three of the main misconceptions about dryer venting within the house.

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