Time for Spring Cleaning!


Happy spring! With winter officially behind us, many people have spring cleaning on their mind. But this can seem a bit daunting- who has time to clean their entire home in one day? Read this checklist to see the main things to get done to optimize your efforts and deep-clean your home in just a few hours of spring cleaning.

Remove dust and cobwebs from the ceiling and walls with a dust broom or vacuum. Then wipe down these surfaces with a compatible cleaner to remove any stubborn dust and buildup.

Dust other surfaces, such as bookshelves, hanging shelves, and loose knick-knacks.

Vacuum any upholstery, being sure to reach all the surfaces (get both sides of removable cushions). Read the care labels on your furniture to check what surface cleaners can be used, and wash the sitting-surfaces. Wipe down the non-upholstered furniture as well.

Time to wash those windows! With whatever cleaner you use, make sure to wash both the internal and external sides of the windows. If there are screens, you can pop those out and vacuum them to remove the dust. And if you have curtains, it’s time to wash those as well (most can be put in a delicate cycle in the washer, but always check the care label).

Counters, tables, sinks, and other surfaces should be sterilized. If you don’t want to use chemicals in the kitchen, very hot water and dish soap will do the trick. This would also be a good time to wipe down cupboard fronts.

Scour and wipe down the surfaces in the bathroom that need it, like the toilet and the tub.

Take some time to clean out the inside of your major appliances. Scrub down the microwave, wipe down inside the fridge, and clean inside the oven and the cook top. Run an empty load in the washer with vinegar to clean it, and wipe down inside the dryer. Try to think of the things you use every day that usually get forgotten about!

Finally, sweep the hard floor surfaces and vacuum all the carpets (including the door mat). Follow up by thoroughly mopping the non-carpeted floors. For the carpets, it is recommended that they are deep cleaned at least annually. This can be done with a purchased carpet shampooer or steam cleaner, or can be done by a professional.

Now that the basics are covered and your house is sparkling clean, you have time to move on to more intricate, specific tasks, such as organizing cupboards and cleaning out your closet. Choosing one reasonable organizational project a day can help break up the tasks you want to do, and make it more likely that they will actually get done.

By going from the ceiling down to the floor, you can clean all areas of the house without having to go back and repeat anything. With these tips in mind, your living space should feel refreshed and ready for the coming season of sunshine and greenery.

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