Eco-Friendly Tips for your Home


Earth Day is this coming Monday, April 22nd. This is a day to promote environmental issues but also to celebrate this beautiful earth we all live on. Many people pick some service or improvement project on this day to make the area around them more eco-friendly. Why not pick your own home?? Here are some easy changes you can make to your home to help the environment (and save you money as a bonus).

  1. Be more conscious about water! Don’t run it when you don’t need it- turn it off when brushing your teeth or shaving, for example. Go around and fix any leaking faucets around the house. This small amount of water that leaks out adds up HUGE throughout the year. Consider installing a low-flow shower head.
  2. Switch your light bulbs. The new, energy efficient light bulbs not only use less electricity (saving the earth and your wallet), but they also last longer than the older, incandescent bulbs.
  3. Use more natural cleaning products. For most day-to-day cleaning tasks, the harsh chemicals are not necessary, and they can lower the water quality when washed down the drain. Most natural solutions can be made yourself from stuff you likely already have at home.
  4. Check your insulation! Vast amounts of heat energy is lost from many homes due to too little or improper insulation. This means you have to heat your home more, using extra energy. Adding insulation to your home is a worthwhile investment, as it will immediately start to save you money on your heating bill.
  5. Properly use your recycling bin. Many people have recycling pickup, but a lot of people don’t actually utilize it. Cardboard, paper, cartons, and a lot of other products (which will likely specify on them somewhere) can go in the recycling instead of the garbage. Also, try to buy recycled items when it is an option.
  6. Consider composting. It does not require much time or space to compost. You can do it inside or outside, simply using the food scraps that you would normally throw away, and it saves a lot of space in each garbage bag. The compost can be used on indoor plants, outdoor gardens, and even to make the lawn more lush. Composting is a win-win!
  7. Contemplate switching to Energy Star appliances next time you have replace something. These certified appliances reduce greenhouse gas emission and save money on the electricity as compared to their non-Energy Star counterparts.
  8. Get the most out of your appliance use. When running the washer and dryer, be sure to use proper load sizes. Open the fridge only when necessary. Only run the dishwasher when it is full, and multi-task when you’re making multiple things in the oven whenever possible.

Happy Earth Day!

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