Don’t Throw Those Coffee Grounds Away!


If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you probably throw away several pounds of coffee grounds in a month. But what if you could use those for something, instead of wasting them? Turns out you can! Keep reading for a few creative ideas on how to get even more use out of your coffee!

  1. Have a garden? You can save money on fertilizer by using your coffee grounds to revamp the soil in your garden. Coffee actually contains a lot of nutrients that plants need to prosper, and it also attracts worms, which are great for your garden. You can mix grounds in with your potting soil, or simply sprinkle the grounds outside and let nature do its thing.
  2. Grounds can be a free odor-eliminator! Place bowls of the used coffee grounds in the fridge for a couple days to get rid of questionable food smells. Try putting them in socks or pantyhose and tying them off, and then you can use these portable deodorizers in the car, gym bags, and anywhere else that might need it.
  3. Rubbing the coffee grounds on your hands before washing them can help remove lingering cooking smells, like onion and garlic, from your skin. Also, if you mix a bowl of grounds with a little coconut oil, you just made a simple body and face scrub to use in the shower. The coarse grounds help to exfoliate your skin, and the caffeine has helpful properties in it for your skin as well.
  4. Coffee grounds can even be used as a scrub for your pet. After a regular wash, scrub the grounds all throughout your dog’s fur, and then rinse again. They will make your furry friend’s fur extra shiny, and coffee even helps kill off fleas.
  5. Those coarse grounds can help you clean pesky grime off of pots, pans, and other dishes. Just sprinkle a handful of grounds onto the surface that needs scrubbing, and proceed to clean as usual.
  6. Have wooden furniture? Next time you notice a scuff or scratch, try using coffee grounds to get rid of it before turning to expensive solutions. Make a thick paste of grounds, water, and a little bit of olive oil. Use a cotton swap to apply the mixture to the area, allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes, and then wipe it off. Repeat this process until the desired look is achieved. This helps dye the exposed wood and also buff out the blemish.

There are plenty more clever ideas out there to make your old coffee grounds useful, but these are a few of the best! So don’t simply throw them away after your morning cup of goodness; get a second use out of them!

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