Benefits of Trash Compactors

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As our planet and the environment around us is trying to become more sustainable and environmentally responsible it is important to take precautionary steps to help out in every way possible. Although it may not seem relevant, trash compactors can contribute to this responsibility. They can also help us in other ways we may not have even known about. Here are the benefits of using a trash compactor for your household or your business.

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Last Minute Holiday Home Tips

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The holidays are almost here and before you know it, your guests will be knocking on your door. With so much to do in addition to your regular day-to-day, it can get a little stressful.  We thought we’d help you out with a quick list of tips and to do’s for those last few days before the main event.    Continue reading

Why is My Garbage Disposal Leaking?


You have noticed some water leaking from the bottom of your sink that seems to be coming from your garbage disposal. If a unit inside of your disposal is leaking, it most likely needs to be replaced. Some repairs require a specialist, but other can be replaced by simple do-it-yourself steps!

The leak could be coming from four common areas on you garbage disposal:

  1. The sink flange – silver part above cutting chamber where the sink and disposal unit 24682609_sconnect directly
  2. The inlet hose- the black rubber hose connecting to the upper part of the black cutting chamber
  3. The drain – drain pipe attached in the middle of cutting chamber, below hose.
  4. The bottom of the disposal – water could be draining from the bottom of your disposal – Call a specialist

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