Is This Okay To Vacuum?


Vacuums are used monthly, weekly, even daily  in almost every room and crevice of our homes. These cleaning appliances are beneficial for making our homes look neat and clean. However, sometimes we may suck things up that could do harm to the vacuum itself, causing damage or causing it to break all together. So what are some things we can and cannot vacuum up?

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Washing Your Washer

38921680 - a woman in a dry cleaning with malodour

It may sound weird to wash your washing machine, but it can be beneficial for you! Many washing machines never get cleaned but there are some reasons we should do it.

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Dryer Racks


Our dryer is one of our most used appliances. We use this on a weekly basis and it helps us to keep our clothing clean and fresh. However, using drying racks to air dry our clothing can sometimes be an even better alternative. Here are some benefits of using drying racks.


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Product Pick of the Week: Affresh Stainless Steel Cleaner

Affresh SS Cleaner copy

We’ve been adding to our Product Pick of the Week series for quite a while now, but we  realize that for many of you, this may be your first time visiting our blog.

So for starters, welcome and thank you for checking us out!

If you’re wondering what this series is all about, each week we highlight a product, part, category of parts, etc. and we talk about how it works or what is does for your appliance and try to share a few related tips.

This week’s pick goes to Affresh Stainless Steel Cleaner.

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How to Properly Clean Your Air Conditioner’s Condenser Unit


Chances are that you’ve neglected your spring time cleaning because the summertime heat is just not here yet. We are here to help you get started! Your home’s air conditioning system sits idle for almost an entire year. To ensure it works efficiently, a proper and thorough cleaning is necessary.  A year’s worth of dirt and debris clogging the fins, a low coolant level, and a dirty blower fan can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioner and actually wear it out faster.

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Springtime Tips | Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready


Spring is officially here and with that comes longer days and rising temperatures.  It may seem early, but now is the perfect time to start readying your Air Conditioning Unit for those fast approaching summer days.

Although your air conditioner may be the last thing on your mind, it’s better to check it out earlier rather than waiting until it’s too late and you’re stuck waiting a week in the heat for a repair appointment.  Not only will you thank yourself, but your wallet just might too.

A poorly maintained system can increase your bills because it has to work harder than it normally would and can give small problems time to develop into bigger (and more expensive) ones.  Regular maintenance can help you save money and potentially extend the life of the unit.

So work your way through this short checklist to ensure your AC unit will be ready when you need it.  You’ll be glad you did!

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Kitchen Cleaning Plan: A Clean Kitchen Makes Happy Appliances


We all know how life gets busy. One moment we are planning on cleaning our kitchen and the next you find yourself answering work emails. It can be very difficult to be thorough in your cleaning when you are in a rush, so we have broken down different (important!) chores in your kitchen to maintain working appliances and a healthy kitchen.

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