Where Are My Missing Socks Going?


Your biggest fear… losing socks! You assume that the washer won’t steal them from you and it’s like winning the lottery when you successfully wash and dry a load of laundry and both of your socks are there. Spoiler Alert! Your front loader washer machines are stealing your socks. Want to see for yourself? Simply open the door on your appliance. As the drum rotates your sock will just easily slip in-between the inner and the outer drum! Who knew that’s where your socks were going?


Here is how to retrieve them and what to do so you don’t lose your socks in the future!

Method 1:

  • Simply just reach in between the door gasket/seal and reach your hand in to find your missing items

Method 2:

Tools Needed:

Rag towels, shot vacuum, phillips head screwdriver/ or a socket, and a pair of pliers

  • Unplug your appliance
  • Turn the water off
  • Remove bottom panel
  • Open the drain (have your shot vacuum ready in case there is water there)
  • Locate the missing sock or article of clothing

Method 3:

  • Use a flat head screw driver and wedge that between the inner drum and the door seal so you can reach for the item that is trapped inside more easily.

Method 4:

If you have been unsuccessful in finding the object between the inner drum and the door seal it might be underneath the drum. To access underneath the drum you will have to either remove the heater or the sump hose


  1. Unplug your appliance
  2. Turn off the water and remove the hose
  3. Remove the back and the heater element
    1. Can also look in the heater housing
  4. And you will locate it there

Sump Hose:

  1. Put the machine on its side
  2. Remove the base plate
  3. Remove the clip to remove the hose
  4. Then you can access the missing the item

How to Never Lose Your Socks Again:

  • Safety pin your socks together that way they don’t get lost in the washer machine or the dryer! It will also save you time on pairing your socks!
  • Purchase a sock clip that is washer and dryer safe for your socks. Clip them together and you will never lose them again!
  • Place your socks in a washable mesh bag and simply throw your bag full of socks in your washing machine. You can color coordinate the mesh bags for your family members, this will also save you time and you won’t end up with another family members socks!


What do you do so you don’t lose your socks? Let us know in the comments below!


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