Oven Upkeep


Fall is in full swing, so bring on the pumpkin spice and autumnal treats! With the cooler weather quickly approaching, it will soon be the time of year when people get the most use out of their ovens. Cooking hot dinners for the family and baking apple pies (without worrying about the house getting too hot inside) are of course major perks of autumn, but this extra strain on the oven can cause issues for you… Continue reading

Get Your Appliances Ready for Colder Weather


This past year flew by pretty fast, hasn’t it? It’s already September, which also means that fall is right around the corner (3 weeks to be exact).  Since the seasons are changing we should also be changing some routines such as prepping your appliances for the cooler weather.

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Getting Your Home Ready for Fall | Fall Home Tips


As much as many of us would like to hang on to summer, Fall is just about here and with that brings cooler days, longer nights, and for those of us farther North changing leaves and frosty mornings.  With the changing of the seasons, there’s some prep to be done.

Outdoor Prep:

Check your Gutters –  Clean out any leaves or debris that may have collected up there to make sure that they drain properly.  While you’re up there, you should also check for any damage and repair or replace pieces as necessary. To prevent leaves from collecting and clogging them, consider installing mesh guards. Continue reading