The right cleaning tools for the job!


Attention homeowners! Whenever there’s a specific cleaning job to do, you can count on afresh cleaners to provide the right tool for the job. Your home is where you perform your daily tasks and live your life. There’s no question that dust, debris, and even odor can accumulate on and in your appliances! Avoid the trouble of deep cleaning by using Affresh cleaning supplies that make your chores much easier.

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Why aren’t my clothes dry? | What to do when your dryer is taking too long


Most people buy a dryer to help speed up the laundry process and leave time for more important things than drying clothes.  But, when your dryer starts taking longer than normal it becomes a problem.
So what do you do? The good news is this is usually something you can fix yourself.

Today we have a few simple tips for troubleshooting and maintaining your dryer to ensure it continues running safely and effectively! Continue reading