A Guide to “Going Green” in Honor of Earth Day


“Going Green”, or leading a more environmentally friendly lifestyle to protect the environment and sustain natural resources,  is a lifestyle many of us may enact on a regular basis–or we at least try our best to do so. Changing your lifestyle completely to do this, however, can be difficult.  Many of us know the basics, like the importance of recycling, turning off our lights when we leave a room, and trying to reduce the amount of waste we create.

What you might not be familiar with is how to use your appliances in the most efficient way possible.  Not only do these methods save electricity, water, or natural fuels, they can save you money as well. There are ways to change the way you use all of your main home appliances in order to be more “green”, and you can start doing them right away.  With Earth Day less than two weeks away on April 22nd,  this is the perfect time to make these small changes in honor of your planet.

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