The Secret Workers Of Our Appliances-Thermostats


Since it is winter time checking your home’s thermostat is almost a daily activity. Even though we only really check our furnace’s thermostat to make sure our homes stay cozy and warm. Our major appliances have to use more than 8 thermostats a day! So let’s take a moment to learn about all the thermostats that keep your appliances running smoothly and that make your life easier!

10284402 - worker icons in cold and warmth with radiant heat and thermostats

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Product Pick of the Week: Dryer Temperature Parts


Thermistors, Thermostats, Thermal Fuses, Thermal Cutoffs… with so many parts monitoring the temperature of your dryer  it can get a little confusing.  Although they may all sound similar, each part serves a different purpose, working to make sure that your dryer is running safely and efficiently.

In this Product Pick of the Week, we’ll be talking about some of the most common temperature sensing and monitoring parts in your Dryer and share with you a few signs that they may need to be replaced.   Continue reading