How to Defrost a Freezer


We expect our freezers to be cold and keep our food frozen.  But if your freezer is starting to look like the Arctic tundra, aka ice or frost has begun to accumulate on the shelves or sides of your freezer, it’s time for a manual defrost.  This is more common with older models, but can happen with newer frost-free models too.  Not sure how to defrost your freezer?  No problem.  Today we’ll walk you through how to do just that. Continue reading

5 Potential Leaky Areas | Does Your Refrigerator Meet One of Them?


Leaks in your kitchen do not always come from your sink or dishwasher. Truth is, your refrigerator can be leaking from 5 different areas. This issue should be addressed immediately especially if the leak has reached the floor – and we’ll tell you why. Water on your kitchen floor is a slipping hazard and can put anyone at risk of experiencing electric shock who comes in contact with water and electrical outlets.

Since there are different brands and types of refrigerators, these trouble shooting tips will address the various problems your refrigerator may be experiencing. Consulting your manufacturer’s refrigerator manual will serve as a tool in fixing your appliance. Continue reading